Purgatory is not an eternal destination.

So many people misunderstand purgatory.  Many think it is a place between heaven and hell where the not-good-enough-for-heaven-but-not-bad-enough-for-hell will spend all eternity.  That’s wrong.  It is not an eternal destination.

Purgatory is a temporary stop on the way to heaven.  Think of it like this:  you are going to meet the Queen of England in Buckingham Palace, and you need to wear a nice suit for the occasion.  Oh, but you are wearing a pair of sweats, you’ve been working outside, you’re hands are dirty, and your armpits stink!  You are standing there in line to meet the queen, everyone else looks perfect, but you are so embarrassed by your appearance and stench.  You need to clean up before you meet the queen.

That’s purgatory!  It’s where you are cleaned up.  “Purg”atory, where you are “purged” of that which cannot enter heaven.  You are going to meet God, face to face.  As embarrassing as it would be to meet the queen in a filthy state, it would be absolutely intolerable for you to be in the presence of God with any remaining attachment to sin.  You just couldn’t do it. Sin is the dirt and stinky armpits of your soul–not so serious a sin as to separate you from God for all eternity, but less serious sin.  So purgatory is the shower to shampoo your hair, scrub your hands, wash your armpits.  You get your nice suit, combed hair, and maybe a bit of aftershave (all this figuratively, of course).

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