The Joy of Forgiveness

…forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

The evolution of understanding that part of the Lord’s prayer:

  • Recite it without thinking about it.
  • Start to think about it.
  • “Yes, Lord, please, forgive me.”
  • “Yes, Lord, please, forgive me my many sins.”
  • “Yes, Lord, please, forgive me my sins, which are more numerous than I can imagine.”

Notice that there is a second half.

  • “Oh, I’m asking the Lord to forgive me as I forgive others. Ooh. Um.”
  • Forgive people you can think of but hold on to a few offenses that really hurt you.
  • After some prayer, forgive those few offenses.
  • After much prayer, realize there are many people you still haven’t forgiven.  Forgive.
  • Continue to pray and realize there are even more people you haven’t forgiven.  Forgive.  Wonder how much you haven’t forgiven.  Surprised to learn you hold so many grudges.
  • Realize that as you forgive, so God forgives you.
  • Start being much more forgiving.
  • Discover God’s great love for you.
  • Desire to forgive everyone who harms you even in the slightest way.
  • Much prayer is involved in this progression, many rosaries.
  • “I forgive!  I forgive! I forgive!”  because you discover the joy in forgiving, in loving, in knowing God is forgiving you all your sins, each of which is one more reason His Son Jesus had to be nailed to the cross.
  • There is joy in forgiveness!   You know for a fact that God is forgiving you when you are forgiving!

With this newly found love, you have no inclination to hold grudges anymore.  Forgiveness comes easily.  You finally understand “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive others who trespass against us.”  (Just don’t forget to go to confession!  It’s very important for your everlasting soul.)

Edit:  This prayer comes with responsibility.  You are asking God to forgive you as you forgive others.  You must forgive, otherwise, how dare you ask God to do for you what you won’t do for others?

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