A Convent Reformed through the Rosay

October is the month of the rosary.

Here is an excerpt from The Secret of the Rosary.

A nobleman who had several daughters placed one of them in a convent where, unknown to him, the nuns were very proud and thought only of worldly pleasures.  The nuns’ confessor, on he contrary, was a man of God who had great love for the Holy Rosary.

Wishing to guide this nun to a better way of life, the confessor told her to say the Rosary every day in honor of the Blessed Virgin while meditating on the Life, Passion, and Glory of Jesus Christ.

The new religious loved this devotion and little by little was repulsed by the wayward habits of the other nuns.  She began to develop a love for silence and prayer in spite of the fact that the other nuns despised and ridiculed her and called her a fanatic.

At the same time, a holy priest, who was carrying out the visitation of the convent, had a disturbing vision while at prayer.  He seemed to see a nun in her room, at prayer in the presence of a Lady of outstanding beauty who was surrounded by Angels.  The Angels held flaming spears with which they repelled a multitude of devils who were attempting to come in.

These evil spirits then fled to the other nuns’ rooms under the form of vile animals in order to lead them into sin–with some of the nuns unfortunately succumbing.

By this vision, the priest came to understand the deplorable state of the convent, and thought he was about to die of sorrow.  Sending for the young nun, he exhorted her to persevere.

As the priest pondered the excellence of the Rosary, he decided to reform the nuns by means of it.  He bought some beautiful Rosaries and gave one to each nun, exhorting them to say the Rosary every day.  He promised he would not try to force them to alter their lives if they would say the Rosary every day.  Amazingly, the nuns accepted the Rosaries and promised to say them on that condition.

Little by little the nuns gave up their worldly pursuits, applied themselves to silence and recollection, and in less than a year they all asked that the convent be reformed.

Hence, the Rosary brought about more changes in their hearts than the priest could have done by exhorting and commanding.

–Thirty-seventh Rose, The Secret of the Rosary, Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort

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