God Loves His Children. Obama Uses Your Money to Kill Them.

Man is the summit of God’s creation. Man is created in the image and likeness of God, the Creator. Into each of us, God puts a soul at conception. Man was given dominion over the rest of creation. All creation is good.

One who purposefully destroys or causes the destruction of God’s good creation, specifically the summit of God’s creation–man–is evil. One who pays for the destruction of man cannot be a leader of men. One who takes money from the many to pay for the destruction of man is both a thief and a destroyer. One who calls it good is a liar of the first degree.

The first thing Barack Obama did as president was to overturn the Mexico City policy, opening up your wallet to pay for premeditated, prenatal murders (a.k.a. abortion) in foreign countries.

Obama has expressed his desire to pass the Freedom of Choice Act, which would nullify laws that restrict abortion, laws passed by your representatives on your behalf.

Obama has swooped in to give your money to the planet’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, when states have decided not to fund Planned Parenthood.

Obama has assured Planned Parenthood they will continue to receive your money via the federal government; they currently get around $1,000,000.00 of your tax money for each day of the year.

While in the Illinois senate, Obama voted against banning partial birth abortion, where the baby is brought mostly out of the womb, then the abortionist jabs scissors into the baby’s head, the brain is sucked out, the head collapsed, and the remains disposed of as “medical waste.”

Obama voted four timesagainst giving medical care to babies who survived an attempted abortion. The healthy newborns would be left in a room, with no care, to die, then disposed of as medical waste.

Obama voted against prohibiting minors from crossing state lines to obtain an abortion.

Obama has voted against notifying parents of minors who get out-of-state abortions. What other surgical procedure can one perform on a minor without the parent’s consent or even notification?

Obama supports expermentation on human embryos. No good results have come from embryonic stem cell research. Many good results have come from adult stem cell and cord blood stem cell research.

Obama, through his Justice Department, has brought eight civil suits as of Sept. 2011 against peaceful pro-life protesters using the FACE Act, which was enacted to make sure people won’t be obstructed from entering aboriton facilities. Those arrested were praying or talking, not blocking anybody’s access. The cases go nowhere because they are brought simply to intimidate pro-lifers.

Obama promotes taxpayer funded contraception. Obamacare (the HHS mandate) requires people of faith, whose faith prohibits contraception, human sterilization, and abortion drugs, to buy insurance policies that include these very things. This violates the first amendment in that Congress made a law that prohibits the free exercise of religion.

Contraception – block a life from coming into existence.

Abortion – kill a child when it is still in its mother’s womb.

Sterilization – remove a person’s ability to have children.

Embryonic stem cell research – fruitless experimentation on human embryos in which the human embryo is killed.

Obama supports from every angle and in every way the destruction of God’s ultimate creation–man–specifically the most vulnerable, that is babies in the womb and newborns. That is evil.  God loves His children with perfect love.  Obama advocates killing those whom God loves using your money.  Love the children of God just like God does.  If you consider yourself a God-fearing person, if you love your innocent, vulnerable baby neighbor, do not support or vote for Obama.

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