What’s so great about Catholicism?

That’s the name of a piece by H. W. Crocker, III in Crisis Magazine

My favorite sections were Freedom and Saints.  Here are a few excerpts:

  • Catholicism is a religion of pilgrimage, freely accepted, to grow in Christ, to overcome sin.
  • Catholics aren’t divorced from history. They are not alone with their Bibles and their consciences. Catholics live history. They are part of the continuum of 2,000 years (or with the Old Testament, even longer) of man’s pilgrimage with God.
  • Catholics do not presume that they are saved through faith alone — as do Protestants. Salvation, of course, comes through God’s grace. But as part of our free acceptance of that grace, we are called to become holy: to work, to act, to participate in that constant drama where we struggle to live the life of a saint — to live, that is, the life of Christ.

You should read it.

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