The Journey Home

Some people grow up Catholic, others are converts to the faith.  As a person who grew up Catholic, I sometimes like to hear the stories of those who chose to become Catholic.

There is a Catholic television channel I am sure most people have heard about.  It is the Eternal Word Television Network, or EWTN.  The network has a show called The Journey Home.  I’ve never seen it because I don’t have EWTN; however, I have subscribed to the EWTN Audio Library on iTunes.  If you have iTunes, check it out in the podcast directory.  On occasion I’ll listen to an episode that sounds interesting.  For example, I have a friend who is pentecostal, and his church is rather anti-Catholic (as in, they think we are all going to hell).  So when I saw an episode about a pentecostal becoming Catholic, I listened.

In this post, I just thought I would give you a few links to episodes I thought were particularly interesting.  The names are hyperlinks to the episode in the EWTN Journey Home archive.

I think the Vernon Robertson episode is my favorite of these.  I highly recommend listening to at least this one if you can’t listen to them all.

Once the next episode is out, you can check the Journey Home archives for the Michael Coren episode:

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  1. I am a convert and The Journey home was so instrumental
    in making my decision. I would tell anyone to watch it who is trying to come into the Church. I was from the Assemblies of God Church and I know how most of Protestant’s feel about Catholics. We are all going to hell. My question for them is this, “Since when did God relinquish that right that we choose who enters into heaven or hell? The last time I read my Bible (Catholic and Protestant) God still had dominion over these things.

    • Out of curiosity, how did you find this blog/message?

  2. I was on the Catholic Blog at It is a wordpress
    catholic blog. If you click on the address you will see your blog. You will see everyone who post on this site and can go and read or post on their sites. For instance if you look for my avatar, you will go into my blog. (The Virgin Mary) Are you new to blogging or just new to wordpress? Hope this helps. SR

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