New Beads – New Parts

I went to a bead show recently.  Actually a bit disappointed with the overall show.  Seemed there was a smaller number of vendors and a smaller selection of beads. I did find a few things to purchase, though.  My favorite was called azurite malachite.  It is a mixture of lapis lazuli (blue) and malachite (green).  As the vendor described it, “it grew together.”  It is not man-made.  I’m not sure how I’ll design that rosary, yet, but I hope I have a great inspiration for it, because these beads have great potential.  I bought some howlite beads (white), yellow tiger eye, and some sort of agate that has a crackled look.  I bought some hematite to use as spacer beads, too.

I just ordered some rosary parts–centerpieces and crucifixes.  I think they are really nice.  There is a craft show coming up later this year, so I need to make some more rosaries, and I want to make some really cool ones.  I like to make rosaries that look different from anything you’ll find in gift stores or your church.   As soon as I have rosaries made from these beads or parts, I will post pictures.

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