England shuts down Catholic adoption agencies

According to this article, in Britain, a person’s homosexuality is more important than religious liberty and a wholesome childhood.


The Charity Commission is the enforcement arm of a regime in the United Kingdom which now equates homosexual sexual activity, engaged in over a long period of time, with authentic marriage.  This is profane and perverse. They insist that homosexual practices, disordered sexual acts, be given protected legal status as a fundamental human right.  In other words, unnatural acts between two men or two women must be protected by the law in the same way as race, creed, or natural origin.


They opined, “In certain circumstances, it is not against the law for charities to discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation.  However, because the prohibition on such discrimination is a fundamental principle of human rights law, such discrimination can only be permitted in the most compelling circumstances.  We have concluded that in this case the reasons Catholic Care have set out do not justify their wish to discriminate.”

So, the welfare of a child is not a compelling circumstance?

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