New Rosaries

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a message here.  It’s also been a while since I worked on rosaries to sell in my web store.  I’ve been working on some custom rosaries.  All but one of those are completed now, so I’ve started on new rosaries.  The first has Ave beads made of Czech fire polished glass.  They are amethyst in color and 6mm in size.  I”m using a very, very pale lavender Czech glass as spacer beads, and the Pater beads are blue tiger eye with bead caps and Indian sapphire Swarovski crystals as accents.

The centerpiece is different than any other I’ve used to this point.  It depicts the Blessed Virgin Mary, but it is three dimensional.  What I mean is that if you turn the centerpiece around, you do not see a flat back or another image, it is the back of Mary.  I guess it could be considered a tiny, tiny statue.  Once it’s finished, I’ll put a photo up here, of course.

Other beads I have yet to be turned into rosaries are rose quartz cubes, purple glass “confetti” beads (which will be a rather inexpensive rosary),  gray agate, snowflake obsidian, and what I think is green jade.  I’ll have to check my inventory sheet on that to verify.  Oh, and I have some Czech glass beads that are a blend of amethyst and olive green colors.

These should keep me busy for a while.  I look forward to coming up with designs.    I have copper and brass beads to use and nickel-silver, copper, antique brass, sterling silver, and polished silver (plated) centers and crucifixes to use, too.  So there are many combinations to consider.  It’ll be fun!

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