Leopardskin Jasper Rosary

Leopardskin RosaryI really like this rosary.  I used copper parts for the first time, and I think they complement the leopardskin jasper superbly.  I am even happy with using the square spacer beads as bead caps.  I wasn’t sure about that idea at first, but when I tested it (I always run the beads between my fingers and thumb as if I’m praying the rosary to make sure there’s nothing uncomfortable), the bead caps felt fine.  The color of the Swarovski crystals go quite well with the leopardskin jasper, too.

Now, that I’ve used it, I am a fan of leopardskin jasper.  Given that it’s multicolored, there could be any number of designs a person could create using it.  The copper, too, looks good.  It’s more difficult to find, though.  I have two more copper centerpieces and crucifixes.  After that, it’ll be a hunt if I want to use it again.  If you have any comments on this rosary, or any other, of course, post them.  I’d like to know what people think.  I am open to ideas and suggestions, too.

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